Juka Awards


The 1st Web3 Music Awards
Empowering Independent Artists

Meet JUKA, The "Koolest Kat in Town"

Meet Juka, The “Koolest Kat in Town”

The Problem

Music artists today face several challenges in the industry, including a lack of financial backing, signing bad contracts (such as 360 deals), difficulties in tracking revenue from streaming platforms, and struggles with effective marketing outreach.

Promoting and incentivizing
independent artists by providing them
with a platform to showcase their
talent and connect with a global

Solution 1

Incentivizing fanbases to support
artists in a sustainable manner, by
converting fanbases into web3 and
rewarding them for their continued

Solution 2

Adding value to artists' portfolios,
names, and brands through Juka
awards and nominations, thus
increasing their credibility and

Solution 3

Eliminating the middleman between
artists and their fanbases, allowing
fans to directly support their favorite
artists and fostering a stronger artistfan relationship.

Solution 4

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We engage in conversations about the state of music in various regions, seeking to understand the challenges and opportunities faced by artists and fans alike

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